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7AIR / Iran Airlines / Airservices

Airservices is a corporate Commonwealth entity providing safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible services to the

aviation industry


Service level agreements
The top of the pyramid combines all service aspects where expectations towards the services provided are auditable and pre-set to the demand of the contract parties. For more information about our SLA

Exchange management
High investment material will most of the time take less investment once the Channel for exchange program is utilized

M.E.L. Pool management
Our Minimum Equipment List Pool management program offers back up and exchange capabilities to assure your undisturbed delivery to keep operations at the demanded levels

Structured periodical requirement
Your annual/periodical requirements can economically be offered in to our structurized distribution plan. An example of material that suites the program are disposables, tires etc

Unstructured incidental requirements
A primer distinction is made amongst the services Channel for can provide. The most common service is where Channel for helps you on all or any of your unstructured Ad Hoc requests and demands


Channel for procure management BV offers a wide range of professional programs to assist on global markets for both buyers and sellers. Our team of global experts and consultants will act as agents and facilitators in arranging the purchase, sale, financing, credit-enhancement, placement and lobbying for favorable concessions, and aviation trade agreements.

Channel for provides its clients with international promotion, sales and leasing of aircraft. Subsequently, negotiation support with pre-qualified buyers worldwide.
For Clients Acquiring Aviation Assets, Channel for will:

Search the world aviation population to identify the best available equipment to meet the client’s needs.

Recommend qualified technical inspection services to assure the best asset for the price.

Initiate and negotiate the best price and terms consistent with the client’s objectives

Monitor and participate in the sales or lease contract preparation and escrow agreement/settlement until the transaction is closed.

Channel for can assist clients in the valuation of the aircraft asset by using objective current assumptions of value and the current condition of the asset to evaluate the financial model for the client.

Channel for utilizes the most current analytical tools for appraisals and value projections to provide consistent fact based valuations. We provide the following services for its clients:

Pre-Purchase Evaluation

Asset Inspection and Records Audit

Asset Appraisal

Regulate Portfolio Appraisal Reports

Residual Value Analysis

Technical Evaluation

Channel for can provide professional services that match the client's expectations through its Expert Added Services.

We provide on-going reports of activity identifying who has expressed interest or made an offer for our client’s asset. Channel for assists the client in skillfully negotiating a deal with the most favorable terms, in addition to price Channel for can guide the client through all the required paperwork to finalize the sale or lease. We can also arrange to transfer your asset to the buyer/lessee.

Channel for, BV, offers a wide range of services to our clientele on a global scale to include aircraft sales, financing, leasing and enterprise acquisition services.

Channel for, BV, offers a wide range of creative programs to assist in international markets for both buyers and selers. Our team of globally diverse experts and consultants will act as agents and facilitators in arranging the purchase, sale, financing, credit-enhancement, placement and lobbying for favorable government/private concessions, and aviation trade agreements.


Advertising in airlines

Advertising in Iranian airlines - ATA airlines. Qeshm Air Airlines. Mahan airways

In-flight Wi-Fi service and promotions in the service

Advertising services within the Iranian Airlines

In-flight magazine and advertising

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